The revival of Tel Aviv’s iconic
Dizengoff Square

The revival of Tel Aviv’s iconic Dizengoff Square

To sit on Dizengoff Square in Tel – Aviv and feel 

like you are in Paris.  “Cafe Cucu” is the new cafe by the

 “La Shuk” group, It’s located under the

 “Cucu boutique hotel” and offers a European culinary experience.  

A dynamic menu changes throughout the day to

 fit the food and atmosphere to the right hour. 

From the early hours of the morning to the

 small hours of the night.

we are inviting you to start the day with a unique

 morning brunch and finish with a dinner menu

 that will make you feel like you are dining in Paris 

for a few hours with cocktails and aperitifs 

straight from our diverse bar. 

We love hosting, and we love to have fun, and we wish to invite you to be a part of the new celebration in town.

The Menu

Only foods that make our guests happy appear on our menu and they are best enjoyed when shared with friends! An eclectic mix of dishes of various sizes includes meat, fish, seafood, cheese and vegetables of every hue. We’re also open on weekends to welcome guests with a refreshing cocktail and scrumptious brunch.

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